You are currently viewing Malvern Podiatrists talks about what Foot and leg pain signals may indicate.

Malvern Podiatrists talks about what Foot and leg pain signals may indicate.

Written by Dr. Ankush Madan

Are you experiencing pain in your feet or lower limbs?

This can provide clues to many related ailments throughout your body. Here is a round-up of what your various pain signals may indicate.

What are the main causes of foot and lower limb pain?

Foot Pain
There are many causes of this kind of pain, including:

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What is the best treatment?

No single treatment works for everyone, which is why it is so important to see a best podiatrist near you who can tailor a treatment plan to specifically reflect your needs.

Where swelling and inflammation is the cause of pain, ice packs, strapping and stretching can also form part of your treatment plan.

For biomechanical issues, such as flat feet or bunions, orthotics may be prescribed as part of a wider treatment plan.

Given the complexity of ailments affecting the feet and lower limbs, your podiatrist can prescribe the treatment most suited to your needs.

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