Warts are caused by human papilloma virus (HPV). Plantar warts grow on the sole of the feet and grow into your the skin. Plantar warts get can be transmitted by direct contact or through indirect contact, such as floors, socks, shoes, towels, and sports equipment. The exposed or broken skin allows the entry of virus into the skin. Most warts disappear by cellular and humoral immune responses and are generally asymptomatic. However, certain populations manifest plantar warts at higher rates, compared to general population, exposing them to wart induced pain.
Plantar Warts
Symptoms of Plantar Warts:
  • Pain or sensation of stone or swelling under the foot
  • Pain experienced only during activities that exert pressure on the soles of the feet
  • May present in singular or multiples
Treatment options may vary from debridement, curettage to use of different types of wart ointments. If you have any concerns, please see a podiatrist for diagnosis and management.

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